15-11-2019 19:00 oere.

Op dizze provinsjale ferhalejûn wurdt in ferfolch jûn oan it suksesnûmer fan Kulturele Haadstêd fan ferline jier. Obe docht dêr graach oan mei. De hiele jûn wurde dêr ferhalen ferteld yn de trant fan de ‘winterjûnenochten’ fan Waling Dykstra. De jûn yn Obe hat dan ek as subtitel: ‘Winterjûnenocht anno 2019’.

Dizze aktiviteit is ûnderdiel fan de tentoanstelling ‘Waling Dykstra – Foarútgong’.

21-11-2019 - 22-11-2019.

'Unknown Grounds' is a two-day performative-symposium taking place in Obe on the 21st and 22nd of November that rethinks the traditional form of the academie symposium, organized by art initiative VHDG and Frisian historical and literary centre Tresoar. The event, which is curated by artist Flora Reznik, combines academie inquiry with (performative) arts in new and surprising ways. International researchers, artists and thinkers will facilitate questions about the foundations of our society and notions such as ground, territory, identity, open community (iepen mienskip) and the commons. Through workshops, performances and guided conversations we will immerse ourselves in an experience of embodied collective thinking. 

'Unknown Grounds' is open for anybody who likes an intellectual challenge and is ready to join an intimate space for reflection and exchange. Applications can be sent until 15 October, after which a selection of up to 25 participants will be made. Participants are expected to read 6 short texts written by the contributors, which we will discuss in depth during the event. The working language is English. For more information about the application process and program, please check www.unknowngrounds.nl

Event: 21 & 22 November 2019.
 Open call for participants: 9 September – 15 October 2019

More information: www.unknowngrounds.nl

De FreMiBu is in treffen op in ynformeel en sfearfol plak dat net ôfhandich gelegen is.
Grand Café Wouters oan it stasjonsplein yn Ljouwert foldocht skoan oan de kritearia.

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